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me as fuck

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Aaliyah - Try Again

"If at first you don’t succeed, you can dust if off and try again."

Kit Harington by Tomo Brejc.


Woodland fairytale tattoos by Alice Kendall! (healed!)


Anatomically correct vascular systems made from blown glass by Gary Baslow.


What I expected was Silent Hill 4: The Room. What I got was a veritable orgy of intense imagery and disturbing sounds—a hellish mashup of The Grudge, Mama, and 1408. Never has the the desire to close my eyes overwhelmed me so thoroughly as it did in the midst of my playthrough of this interactive teaser. And never before have my trousers legitimately faced the threat of public wettening due to scariness. If any of you folks with a PlayStation Quatro have yet to try it out, I’d highly recommend that you rethink your course of action. Until then, P.T. will be waiting for you in the PlayStation Store as a free download. Just don’t be surprised if you come away from it with PTSD.

P.S. Somebody get the guy(s) in charge of sound design an award. Stat.

P.S.S. Credit to for the images.


(by neil banas)